Athletic Hall of Fame


Call for Nominations, 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame

Nominations are now being accepted for the Valley Forge Athletic Hall of Fame class of 2014. To be inducted into the VFMAC Athletic Hall of Fame, the inductee must fall into one of the following three catogories:


    Must be a graduate of VFMA&C.
    Earned a varsity letter in at least one sport.
    Have graduated at least (10) years prior to induction.
    Open to former team captains, MVP’s and student/athletes with local, state, or national recognition.
    Open to graduates that were selected for one of the end of year athletic awards (Wood or Strunk medal, Coach Blank, Dave Trainer award, or Col. Infortuna Award) and or who have gone on to achieve athletic success at either the collegiate, professional, or Olympic level.


    Made a significant contribution to the Valley Forge Athletic Department
    Must have five (5) years of service to VFMA&C
    The inductee does NOT have to be a VFMA&C graduate


    Someone who may not be an alumnus of Valley Forge, but has had a major impact on the VFMA&C Athletic Department
    An inductee who is an alumnus that may or may not have been a varsity letter winner, but who has made a significant contribution to the VFMA&C Athletic Department.

This year’s ceremony will take place on Alumni Weekend, 25-27 April.

Past Inductees include:

COL L. Maitland Blank ‘93H (TAPS)

Eric Fisher Wood ’37 (TAPS)
COL Leonard T. Quinn (TAPS)
Clifton Struck ‘38
Christopher J. Doleman ‘81
COL William J. Godfrey ‘93H (TAPS)
COL John W. Lord, III ‘99H
COL Tomas B. Puyans ‘48C
COL John R. Romine, Jr. ‘96H (TAPS)
Joseph C. Filandino ‘81, TAPS
J. Whitley Hammond ‘68
Kenneth Michael Ricketts ‘78
David P. Trainer, Sr. ‘62
Marshall Abramson ‘60
Ryan A. Balderston ‘85
George R. Deiderich ’56 (TAPS)
Frank W. Guthridge, Jr. ‘71
Roger T. Sicoli ’67 (TAPS)
Samuel D. Thompson, Jr. ‘48

Leonard A. Marinari ‘47
Patrick Wright ‘89
Karl Hankton ‘90
Aaron Beasley ‘92
COL Dominick “Mick” Lorusso
Michael Lombardi ‘77
Stephen A. Grillo ‘90
Lovett Purnell ‘92
1945 Undefeated Football Team
Joseph A. Zane, Esq. ‘39
Roberto C. Duval ’71
Carl J. Collilouri ’83
Charles L. Williams ‘90
COL David T. Wilson
John Fritzinger ’65 (TAPS)
Charles “Sonny” Boyer ’43
Anthony Trave ’84
Tealang Lloyd ’93
’68 Undefeated Football Team
John Jay Martin ’72
Gary Lamont Stills ’95
Luis E. Yepez ’88
1988 Pennsylvania Independent Schools State Championship Wrestling Team
1989 Undefeated Academy Football Team
1998 Julian T. Peterson, VFMC Football, Basketball
LTC Matt Bowe, Former Admissions Counselor, Coach, Supporter
Mr. Jim Bundren '93, Football, Basketball, NFL Cleveland Browns
Mr. Michael J. Thomas '70, Football, Wrestling, Track & Field, Wood Medal

James Davis ’78
Gilbert “Skip” Benjamin ’63C
James K. Pownall ’60